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that feeling you get when someone texts you first is literally the best because youre like “wow you were actually thinking about me”

Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman at the “Deep Breath” premiere. 


the funny part about clara crushing on marcus aurelius when she was 15 is not only that she’s into older men, but men that are 2000 years older than her

doesn’t that sound familiar


watching twelve and clara like


Clara & Twelve // ” will you help me? ” (8x01)

not mine,created by 0Fleide0 on youtube

Caution: Major Whouffaldi feels!


doctor who 08x01 || young and beautiful [twelve/clara] 


→ “Will you still love me when I’m not young and beautiful?”

→ “I know you will”

i’ve been dYING to make this video ever since i fell into this ship at christmas. i am now complete and my heart is at rest.


clips | Doctor Who s8e1 - Deep Breath

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So, quick recap.

Clara’s only pin up on her wall (when 15) was this guy who is also almost two thousand years older than her:


Peter Capaldi’s first appearance in Who


Clara never had the slightest interest in dashing young men. You know what I am saying?



i know you will

hello 999? yes everyone is freaking out because there was a lesbian kiss on doctor who but no one is concerned about the balloon made of skin or the fact that a body was impaled please send help


deep breath aka



The tag is getting updated every ten minutes and it is beautiful

Hello, new shippers. We’ve been waiting for you since December. 

  • The Doctor: I'm not your boyfriend, Clara.
  • Clara: I never thought you were.
  • The Doctor: I never said it was your mistake.
  • Clara: 
  • The Doctor: 
  • Clara: 
  • The Doctor: Wasn't mine either.
  • The Doctor: Fuckin' Moffat.
Anonymous: *I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND* BUT LET ME JUST TWIRL AND SHOW OFF MY NEW CLOTHES TO YOU AND ASK YOU IF YOU LIKE IT TROLOLOLOLOLOL OKAY DOCTOR OKAY u ain't her flirty, teenage boyfriend anymore because y'all are an old, bickering married couple now. lay all that witty banter on me, series 8. LAY IT ON ME


My body is ready and clearly so is the Doctor’s